Saturday, July 5, 2008

keeping up with the leaos...

Only 4 weeks left for me here in Atlanta. The anticiaption is killing me. So much to do in Utah and so little time before Cohen comes! The only thing I'm not excited about is being apart from Marcel for two weeks until he drives back. Ugh! Hopefully all the baby prepping I'll be doing will keep me from missing him... or make me miss him more because there's no one to help me roll out of bed in the morning cuz my belly is so freakin big or help me up the stairs when I'm so winded I can barely make it to the top! Cohen feels bigger now and his movements are much stronger. Braxton Hicks contractions are something i've gotten used to. My only complaint is when I get them while I have a full bladder. I swear they're going to make me pee my pants one of these days.

We've had so much fun getting to know the others in our office. Recently we've spent more time hanging out with the techs which has been way fun. This week we played Poker and had pizza. We had two tables going and the 2 winners from each table played eachother. It was my first time playing and I have to stay i'm really good at the whole "bluffing" element of poker. I almost won but Marcel actually took the game and went on to the next round. It was down to him and another guy Adam. It was 3 am and we were all exhausted but It was so close. Finally, I convinced Marcel to go all in on his next hand and he lost. It was a blast though! Now I know why some people get so hooked on gambling!

Along with our late night Poker sessions we've had a good time going out to yummy dinners with the office. We have some great people out here with us. I've got tons of pictures of Jadyn and Maddux who are Pat and Lyllians kids. We spend a lot of our free time with them, usually watching movies and eating. Marcel is in love with Jadyn, their 3 year old little girl. He's so cute with her. That's our story these days.

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