Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Forf of July!

We had one of the best 4th of July's yet. Although our first wasn't that hard to beat since all we did was go swimming! This year was great though. Marcel sold 2 before 3pm so he came home early. I worked on making a delish salad recipe I found on the food network website. I made everything from scratch, even down to the dressing which I've never done before, and some brownies that Marcel adores. They have a cream cheese type frosting and are covered in strawberries. They're always a hit. When he got home we headed to our "tech friends" apartment where they were grilling the best of the best. They eat well. Ben our lead tech (my boss and my new found friend) eats only the finest foods. He and the other techs actually grew up together in Japan, the interesting thing about that is they're all white boys with the exception of Ben who is half. Anyway, they're all really interesting guys and probably the most brilliant too. I stole tons of music from Greg who has similiar taste in music. It feels like christmas! New music is my favorite thing in the world.

Back to our 4th though. We had this great bbq chicken and ribs with mashed potatoes, corn, and fried okra w/ creamy chili sauce. So good! A couple hours later Marcel and I decided to try to catch some fireworks with Mal and Jadi (Marcel's brother and his wife) We were on the freeway heading towards the show when we caght a glimpse of the firworks reflecting off the highrise buildings downtown. It was the most beautiful sight. We ended up getting stuck in traffic and didn't make it to the actual show but I think our view off of downtown was much cooler. We got back to apartments where we hung out with everyone. Marcel was glued to Jadyn the rest of the night. We lit fireworks and Jadyn was mesmorized. Needless to say our fourth was fantastic! Hope everyone elses was full of fun too!


erika anthony said...

congratulations on expecting! where are you guys living?

erika anthony said...

When are you guys back from selling?
I think I am heading out to Atlanta in August to visit my grandparents out there. Email me your phone number so we can try to meet up.

Kristina Steves Today said...



Orange Juice said...

Hey Kristina,

You guys are adorable!!! I am glad your 4th went so well. We had a good one too. I would love to talk to you so give me a call when you can. It looks like things are going well with you guys...Come and play with us while you are here and Marcel is there. It is hard to be away from them husbands!! We love you
Alexis and Olivia