Tuesday, July 22, 2008

8 Months!

He's coming soon... and I couldn't be more excited. My ribs and hips are probably equally excited. I'm pretty uncomfortable these days but It's only a matter of weeks and it's all so worth it to see my little man! I've finished his crib bedding and made a few receiving blankets and burp cloths with the leftover fabric. We've got the crib and carseat so all we really have left are little things which is a good feeling. I'll be home in 2 weeks and I'm so excited/anxious to get back and set everything up for Cohen's arrival. My mom is coming to help the week I get back so I'm really excited for that. I haven't seen my mom in months!


Audra said...

Yay! You are getting so close! It was fun to chat the other night. You will probably be leaving when I get back, but it was fun to get to know you! Hopefully we can keep in touch through our blogs! And that's cool that you made bumpers and blankets! I bet they are so cute!

Jeffrey & Nicole Thompson said...

I want to come and help you! If I can I SERIOUSLY will want to fly up to see you! I mss you! I cant believe your having a baby!