Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lucky #6!

Marcel's dream came true last night. 311 has been his favorite band since high school and maybe even before that and he had the priviledge of seeing them play in concert for the 6th (my 3rd)time last night. It was a great show! We had great seats on the floor but unfortunately I was afraid that little Cohen would be born deaf soooo... Mal and I left Marcel and his bro Jadi and our friend Joe to sit in the farthest place from the stage which happened to be where everyone was getting high. Probably not the best thing for my little guy either but oh well. After the show was over our friends got us backstage which was way awesome.... until they told us that we couldn't meet any of they guys cuz they had already taken off. As we were making our way out Nick Hexum happened to walk right passed us he glanced over and being the nice guy that he was stopped to chat with us and Marcel even snagged a picture with him! We kept walking and sure enough Tim Mahoney crossed paths with us too! We even introduced him to Cohen, his soon to be 2nd biggest fan (next to Marcel of course) He was a super nice guy. He spent quite sometime talking to us. Anyway, that was a great way to end an already really fun time. Oh and my favorite part of the night... seeing freakin Snoop Dogg! Random I know, but pretty awesome!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

8 Months!

He's coming soon... and I couldn't be more excited. My ribs and hips are probably equally excited. I'm pretty uncomfortable these days but It's only a matter of weeks and it's all so worth it to see my little man! I've finished his crib bedding and made a few receiving blankets and burp cloths with the leftover fabric. We've got the crib and carseat so all we really have left are little things which is a good feeling. I'll be home in 2 weeks and I'm so excited/anxious to get back and set everything up for Cohen's arrival. My mom is coming to help the week I get back so I'm really excited for that. I haven't seen my mom in months!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Forf of July!

We had one of the best 4th of July's yet. Although our first wasn't that hard to beat since all we did was go swimming! This year was great though. Marcel sold 2 before 3pm so he came home early. I worked on making a delish salad recipe I found on the food network website. I made everything from scratch, even down to the dressing which I've never done before, and some brownies that Marcel adores. They have a cream cheese type frosting and are covered in strawberries. They're always a hit. When he got home we headed to our "tech friends" apartment where they were grilling the best of the best. They eat well. Ben our lead tech (my boss and my new found friend) eats only the finest foods. He and the other techs actually grew up together in Japan, the interesting thing about that is they're all white boys with the exception of Ben who is half. Anyway, they're all really interesting guys and probably the most brilliant too. I stole tons of music from Greg who has similiar taste in music. It feels like christmas! New music is my favorite thing in the world.

Back to our 4th though. We had this great bbq chicken and ribs with mashed potatoes, corn, and fried okra w/ creamy chili sauce. So good! A couple hours later Marcel and I decided to try to catch some fireworks with Mal and Jadi (Marcel's brother and his wife) We were on the freeway heading towards the show when we caght a glimpse of the firworks reflecting off the highrise buildings downtown. It was the most beautiful sight. We ended up getting stuck in traffic and didn't make it to the actual show but I think our view off of downtown was much cooler. We got back to apartments where we hung out with everyone. Marcel was glued to Jadyn the rest of the night. We lit fireworks and Jadyn was mesmorized. Needless to say our fourth was fantastic! Hope everyone elses was full of fun too!

keeping up with the leaos...

Only 4 weeks left for me here in Atlanta. The anticiaption is killing me. So much to do in Utah and so little time before Cohen comes! The only thing I'm not excited about is being apart from Marcel for two weeks until he drives back. Ugh! Hopefully all the baby prepping I'll be doing will keep me from missing him... or make me miss him more because there's no one to help me roll out of bed in the morning cuz my belly is so freakin big or help me up the stairs when I'm so winded I can barely make it to the top! Cohen feels bigger now and his movements are much stronger. Braxton Hicks contractions are something i've gotten used to. My only complaint is when I get them while I have a full bladder. I swear they're going to make me pee my pants one of these days.

We've had so much fun getting to know the others in our office. Recently we've spent more time hanging out with the techs which has been way fun. This week we played Poker and had pizza. We had two tables going and the 2 winners from each table played eachother. It was my first time playing and I have to stay i'm really good at the whole "bluffing" element of poker. I almost won but Marcel actually took the game and went on to the next round. It was down to him and another guy Adam. It was 3 am and we were all exhausted but It was so close. Finally, I convinced Marcel to go all in on his next hand and he lost. It was a blast though! Now I know why some people get so hooked on gambling!

Along with our late night Poker sessions we've had a good time going out to yummy dinners with the office. We have some great people out here with us. I've got tons of pictures of Jadyn and Maddux who are Pat and Lyllians kids. We spend a lot of our free time with them, usually watching movies and eating. Marcel is in love with Jadyn, their 3 year old little girl. He's so cute with her. That's our story these days.