Friday, June 20, 2008

12 weeks and counting!

It's getting harder each month to get myself motivated to take a belly shot. These days there are less "good angles" and looking skinny is a thing of the past (for now!) Don't get me wrong though... I am definitely enjoying this journey my son and I are making together and Marcel gets a kick out of seeing my body change. He snapped this picture while we were going for a walk before we left for dinner last weekend. We've become good friends with another couple thats out here with their 2 adorable kids. We all went out for Pat's birthday at this restaurant called Taco Mac that everyone in our office has been raving about, but I think we left disappointed either way we had a great time just getting out together! Everyone tells me I'll miss my belly once its gone so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can. It's crazy to me that I have 3 months to go though. Cohen has still got some major weight to put on but my ribs are telling me thats just crazy! I don't how on earth there's going to be any room in there for him to get bigger. We finally bought our crib though and I am thrilled! I've spent the last week being Martha Stewart and making my own crib bedding. I'm actually really proud of how its turning out. So far I've finished the bumper pads and will be starting on the comforter next. We'll see how it goes. I'm an amateur at sewing in every sense of the word and thats why I love google! you can figure out how to do everything. I will gladly accept any advice from my crafty friends though (Alexis Beck that means you!) I'm counting the days until my return to Utah though... I'm so ready to get things organzed for our little ones arrival and see all of my beutiful friends and their babies and/or bellies! Until then I'll try to get better at this blogging thing.


jo said...

Oh I love that I found you off of Lex's page!! I am so happy for you and Marcel! You look so adorable. I am excited for my belly to get bigger...yep I am two months behind you in the whole prego thing! Besides the sickness it is the best time of my life so you!

Jeffrey & Nicole Thompson said...

oh stop that! you are the most creative person I know.... and i hope i look just as cute as you do when I'm pregnant! I think prego bellies are the best! sigh..... one day right!? I can't wait to see you!
tell Marcel I said hi! I love you Krissy!

Audra said...

Hi Kristina! You look so adorable! You should post pictures of the crib bedding you made I bet it is so cute! p.s. I love your blog!

Orange Juice said...

You rock!! I cant wait to see you. We are still here so hopefully that continues...til u get here anyway. I Want to see your Martha Stewart craftiness!! I bet it is awesome. Let me know if you have any specific you and i would love to talk to you so call me again or i will call you.
alexis and Olivia ps... you look soo gorgeous. and you will miss your belly.