Thursday, May 15, 2008

there's a baby in there!

I guess pictures of my ever expanding belly are of high demand so here are the most recent. They were taken a matter of 2 weeks ago so it has probably grown considerably since.
This is at 5 months.


Nicole DeAnne................. said...

you are So cute prego! i love your hair too! I'm So sad that I'm missing your pregnancy! it made me all teary eyed when I saw your picture! I love you kris!! I'm So happy for you guys too !we need to keep more in touch! how come your blog is cuter than mine!!??? i'm jealous!

Orange Juice said...

You are so beautiful...I sort of miss having a baby in my belly seeing you in this pic. I am soo excited that you got to feel him move. what a great mother's day gift!! You are so cute with that belly!! I hope that we stay in Utah so we can raise our chillins together...we still have no Idea yet what is going to happen...keep your fingers crossed.