Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I think I've had this blog over 2 weeks and never did anything with it. With Mal and Nicoles encouragent here it goes!

This has been a pretty monumental month for us. We got to Atlanta Georgia and Marcel started out really strong selling again. I've really enjoyed welcoming him home every night with dinner. Its fun playing housewife! Its really beautiful here too. It's almost like someone took LA and cleaned it up then set it in the middle of the forest. Its so green! The southern accents are great too. Mal and I get looks when we go anywhere. I don't think they see many light skin blue eyed girls around here. Everyones super nice though. I get the sweetest compliments about my belly wherever I go. The smallest sincere compliment goes a long way when you're 6 months pregnant and feeling anything but CUTE! Luckily I was blessed with a husband who LOVES me pregnant. He can't stop showering me with compliments on my expanding waistline. It's the sweetest thing. I love this little boy in there though. I think we're finally beginning to bond. Once we found out that he was a... HE!, well he became real to me. Not just a cause of narcolepsy and frequent trips to the potty! It got even better when I felt that little guy moving around in there. It was the best feeling ever! On Mother's Day I was laying in bed and had my hand on my tummy and I felt a little hand or foot. OOOh I'm so excited to meet this little boy. So is Marcel. He is constantly kissing my belly and talking to him. He still calls him "baby" though. Its funny. We pretty much agreed that we both like the name Cohen but I guess Marcel's not ready to call him that yet! Anyway, other than the baby we dont have much else going on. We just live for our Jazz games and Sunday BBQ's (atleast now that the Bachelor is over! Go Shayne!) Oh and surviving the tornadoes!

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Mal and Jadi said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you have finally got your blog going! It looks so cute!